GBB’s quest to become the world leader in highly advanced, automated, and science-driven cannabis production began with the realization of shortcomings in current commercial systems that can compromise quality, consistency, and safety of products. These shortcomings, which include the inability to precisely control climate at the level of each and every plant are often the result of antiquated technology being relied on to control ever-larger facilities. With these issues in mind, GBB is collaborating with leaders in innovation, science and research to bring about the Evolution of Cannabis™.

Ground Breaking, Fully Automated, Multi-Tiered Gravity Flow Growing Systems™ with Plant Surround™ Technology:

  • Deliver optimal and precise temperature, humidity, and CO2 directly to each plant to create the ultimate growing environments
  • Provide precise nutrient mixes directly to each plant when required to ensure optimal plant health and growth
  • Allow for maximum canopy space per square foot with minimal human touches and labour inputs
  • Enable one team member to service and inspect thousands of high-quality plants from a single node at the head of our specialized environments
  • Utilize powerful, state-of-the-art LED fixtures with multi-channel customizable light spectrums, UV and Far Red capabilities, from both above and within the plant canopy to increase quality and yield
  • Take advantage of Smart Plant Health Detection Systems™ – currently in development – to automatically scan for optimal plant health and conditions


Utilizing Automation and Technology to Set New Standards in Product Safety, Work and Product Flow

In addition to the Fully Automated, Multi-Tiered Gravity Flow Growing Systems™ with Plant Surround™ GBB seeks to set a new standard in efficient and safe workflow and productivity by employing a wide range of automation and technology throughout our facilities. Such technology will enable us to:

  • Automatically transport plants and plant products via conveyors and automated platforms throughout the production process. From our propagation, vegetation and flower environments, to harvesting, drying, curing and storage, GBB is employing technology that enables us to maximize plant movement efficiencies while minimizing human touches.
  • Automatically wash and sanitize equipment. By developing automated systems to wash and sanitize our specialty equipment, GBB is streamlining a once tedious, messy, and time-consuming process.
  • Automatically prepare and handle specialized growing media to enter our growing environments. In a further effort to increase productivity and cleanliness, GBB will employ automated systems that will efficiently pot specialized media and smoothly transplant high-quality plants from stage to stage.


GBB believes that the cannabis industry will increasingly be governed by the same quality and safety standards as those already observed in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. As such, GBB is pursuing certifications that reflect our uncompromising values and standards to ensure customers that our products are produced in consistent, clean, and safe environments.